It’s our dream (and goal!) to start projects to help people in need all over the world. For example, supporting non-profit organisations that bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries, renovating and/or building a school, funding a library to support education in countries where education is not organised like in our western world, or… even starting our own foundation!

Stay tuned for more info if you want to help us create an impact. On this page we will share more about our charity work and/or donations to organisations.

"Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person."

In the meantime we are making donations to causes like Solemen Indonesia and are sponsoring children for Project Orphans Uganda and Bali Childrens Project.


The child that we are sponsoring via Bali Children’s Project. She has been begging her parents to let her continue going to school but currently her parents are earning just enough to only buy food for the whole family. Dek Ari is 15 years old and a clever girl dreaming of a better future. After high school she wants to go to college because she wants to have a stable job at a bigger company. With our help she is now able to go to senior high school and follow her dreams. We are very happy that we can help this family & ambitious girl! If you want more information about Bali Children’s Project, click here.


Emmanuel is a 7 year old boy from Uganda that we sponsor via Project Orphans. He wasn’t enrolled in school but because of our monthly donation he can receive his well deserved (and needed!) education and build a future for himself. If you want more information about Project Orphans Uganda, click here.

I hope this will inspire you to sponsor a child to get their well-needed education as well! It’s so important, don’t you think? We are looking forward meeting both of these children and will keep you updated on this page.