Hi there, I'm Auke!

I help online entrepreneurs run their business smoothly without any tech or automation frustration so that they can focus on their zone of genius and scale their business without losing valuable time!

I’d love to support you in your business so that everything runs smoothly and works the way it needs to work. No more tech frustration for you! 

"Auke is very pro active and comes up with solutions
that fit and work for us specifically."

- Rupa Nagamootoo
'Your Creative Vision'



You are ready to ditch the tech overwhelm, you would love a ‘tech buddy’ in your team and you can’t wait NOT to get frustrated any longer when it comes to the tech side of your business.

You’re an online entrepreneur with passion, skills and drive for what you offer your tribe and clients, whether that’s an online course, a membership, 1:1 or group coaching, or any kind of digital services. Or perhaps a combination of all of this!

You love working in your zone of genius, AKA what you do best, but get frustrated about losing your precious time to figure out ‘all the tech things’ while knowing that the tech & automation side of your business will grow it into the next level you desire.

Well, good news because my superpower is all things tech, systems, integrations and automations. 

Building websites, landing pages, sales pages, setting up automations, course or membership platforms, funnel and webinar set up, podcast editing, email marketing set up, funnel tech checks and more!

"Highly recommendable to work with Auke.
We’re really glad he’s part of our team and business.
Without his expertise and commitment we would’nt be where we are today!"

- Henny & Joannie
 'Succesvolle Relaties'


As your Online Business Tech Manager it’s my mission and pleasure to be of service to others, something I really enjoy doing and that fits me like a glove. 

Therefore I offer flexible ways to work with me so that you as a busy entrepreneur can work your magic in the ways you do best. Leave all the techy stuff to me without having to grow any more grey hairs out of frustration for it or have the feeling of throwing your laptop out of the window because ‘aaahh, this isn’t working the way I want (sounds familiar?)!

You can choose to work with me in different ways:

– support per project, for example to build your website or do a ‘funnel check’

– a 15 hour support package that’s valid to use over a period of 3 months.

– or if you need something else we can always discuss another option to work together.

Below you can read more about the different options. Don’t hesitate to shoot me a message for more information or to book your free discovery call with me!

My Services

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"Without Auke I would have gone totally frustrated about ‘all things tech’."

- Ilse de Graaf
 'The Freedompreneur Coach'

My packages

Standard package

The standard package consist of 15 hours which you can spend in a period of 3 months.

Custom package

Depending on the project (can be a funnel check, building your entire website from scratch, editing podcast episodes or anything in between!), I’ll come up with a quote so you know exactly what to expect before we even start.

systems in my toolbox

"Auke has a sound understanding of many applications and their uses, and is prompt in his response time, and thorough with his guidance."

- Stephanie Brown
'Intelligent Construction Opportunities'

Who am I?

I’m not your typical freelancer 😉 I made a pretty big career (and also life!) switch! Want to know more about it and discover how I went from ex-Marine to a freelancing nomadic Tech Manager?

What my clients say

I have been using Auke's tech services to help me navigate and troubleshoot the multiple platforms I use to run my online membership business. Auke has a sound understanding of many applications and their uses, and is prompt in his response time, and thorough with his guidance. I highly recommend him! Everyone needs an "Auke"!
Stephanie Brown
Intelligent Construction Opportunities
I’m soooo grateful to have Auke in my team for many years already! Without him I would have gone totally frustrated about ‘all things tech’ and the chances would be pretty high I would have thrown my laptop out of the window many times already because of it. With the amazing support of Auke everything in my business runs smoothly and I don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to any automations, tech or my website! He’s a life saver because I can keep my sanity and focus on the things I like within my business!!
Ilse de Graaf
The Freedompreneur Coach
We have been working with Auke for over six months and he is a valuable member of our team. His communication skills are excellent - even though English is not his first language. As a technical VA his job involves strategically planning and automating our courses and workshops so that everything behind the sciences works efficiently and effectively.

One of his strongest skills is the ability to follow through and ensure that changes are made so that everything works - he is a forward thinker. He doesn’t need any hand holding! Auke is very pro active and comes up with solutions that fit and work for us specifically. He is easy to work with, has a friendly and professional manner.
Rupa Nagamootoo
Your Creative Vision
We (Henny and Joannie) are relationship coaches and offer individual and group coaching programs. These programs involve a lot of technical work in the background. Setting up webinars, automating email sequences, building optin and sales pages etc. All we have to do is provide the copy and images and set everything up.

We really enjoy working with Auke. He has a direct and to the point form of communicating and he is also very forward thinking which results in peace of mind. Working together with Auke relieves us enormously. We think it is a healthy entrepreneur's decision to outsource these kinds of tasks to be able to focus on our zone of genius!
Henny & Joannie
Succesvolle Relaties

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