About me

FAMILY FIRST. The biggest reason why I quitted my job at the Royal Dutch Marines that I have been serving for 14 years of my life (specialized in communications and instructing). When my partner was pregnant with our little girl I wanted to change things in my life so that I didn’t have to miss a single moment!

My partner was already a successful online business owner back then who I supported for the tech side of her business because doing that would make everyone happier in our household (#happywifehappylife!). She was getting frustrated and overwhelmed by the tech stuff and since for me it’s like second nature to see connections and do technical things, I started to support her. Little did I know this was going to be my new career supporting other busy online entrepreneurs as well!

Since we live a nomadic lifestyle (since Spring 2018) and therefore don’t have a fixed homebase but travel and explore the world together, working as a Tech VA Freelancer, gives me the flexibility I want and which suits me and our lifestyle really well. As long as I have an internet connection and my laptop I can work from all over the world!

So yes, working with me means you get to travel around the world with me and you might get a glimpse of my ‘office of the day’ when we have a video call to discuss the items on your business to-do list.

When I’m not working, exploring or having the best quality time with my family, you can find me hosting Men’s Circles, participating in Men’s work events, working out in the gym or hiking/climbing mountains. I’m a huge mountain lover!

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